A Haunted House


Watch A Haunted House Online Free Full Streaming, Watch32 “A Haunted House” (2013) Full Movie Online Free. “A Haunted House” Malcolm and Keisha move into their dream home, but soon learn a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm – determined to keep his sex life on track – turns to a priest, a psychic, and a team of ghost-busters for help.

Watch “A Haunted House” Online for Free Full Movie The list of things “A Haunted House” considers funny includes back fat, buttocks, shankings, flatulence, nudity, non-consensual sodomy, marijuana, the idea that a Latin-American housekeeper might speak English, the word “bitch,” confusion between the Spanish word “negra” and a similar-sounding slur, almost every bodily fluid and more.

Watch A Haunted House Putlocker Full Movie The homophobia that saturates first time feature filmmaker Michael Tiddes’ Marlon Wayans vehicle, “A Haunted House,” is not mere joking around. It comes from a place of hate and he, Tiddes, Wayan and co-writer Rick Alvarez must be held accountable. The relentless gay bashing appears in almost every one of this (alleged) comedy’s episodic sequences, a leitmotif of ugliness and intolerance, present only to coax audiences into audible “ewwwwwws!” It’s easy to rile up a crowd when they are in the dark, and by the time “A Haunted House” made it to the final reel I felt as though I were surrounded by liquored-up hooligans ready to tie someone to a Wyoming fence.

Watch A Haunted House Streaming Online Now It should be said in one passing note of good faith that Wayans and Atkins are sporadically charismatic and watchable. In between watching them get a ghost high and him calling their “bitch,” they have the kind of easy camaraderie and skills that make you wish you were watching them in any other film. Director Alvarez seems to also have all the technical chops one would expect of a director, just not the judgment and taste to know precisely how bad the end result of his script would be. And the production design does make for a well-crafted pastiche of all the “Paranormal” houses.

“A Haunted House” Watch Free Movie Unfolding in exactly the type of bland McMansion the “Paranormal” films feature, “A Haunted House” begins with Malcolm (Wayans) videotaping the big day when his girlfriend, Kisha (Atkins), moves in, starting with her accidentally killing his dog and ending with a sexless night interrupted by all kinds of noises and strange activity.

Download A Haunted House Full Movie Torrent There are ways to joke around with race, religion and sexual orientation. Indeed, “A Haunted House” actually has a few good gags in it. During one scene spooked-out Essence Atkins (a very talented performer) is urging her husband Wayans (who, I might also add, is naturally gifted with comic chops) to go into a room with a baseball bat and beat up what she’s sure is an evil spirit.

Watch A Haunted House Movie2k.to Full Movie He’s terrified – shakes his head “no, no” and reminds her that opening that door is a “white person move.” He looks directly in the camera and says “if this were a movie there’d be a black woman in the audience right there shouting don’t you open that door, fool!

Watch A Haunted House Letmewatchthis free online full movie “A Haunted House,” its despicable bigotry aside, is also a not-very-good comedy. It has some zings here and there, the one I quoted above being the best. It also has endless, comedy-free zones where the scene just refuses to end. First the friends who are swingers come over. Then the awkward security camera installers come. Watch A Haunted House Free Movie.

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