Watch32 Frozen Full Movie Streaming Online Free I finally saw Frozen today and OHMYGOSHITWASSOAMAZINGICAN”TSTANDIT. Ahem, anyways. Yes, I can totally understand why people are so in love with it. Unlike some people, I love Disney princess movies that are musicals.

That’s what makes them Disney princess movies. Look at Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Mulan (which I also watched today), and others like Aladdin and Tangled. These are classics. Disney is known for this, it’s their trademark and I am so happy that they brought it back.

“Frozen” Watch32 Full Movie Online Now, back to the movie. This was different then any other Disney princess movie because 1. the girls were already princess/queen, 2. they were sisters, and 3. (SPOILER ALERT) the prince was an asshole. I loved the bond between Anna and Elsa and how you – or at least I – was fooled that the only way to cure Anna’s frozen heart was true love’s kiss. When that was revealed, naturally I thought, great here we go.

Watch Frozen Online for Free Full The prince is her true love and blah blah blah. But no, the prince was the secret villain and not even the kind man who helped Anna trek through the snow to her sister cured her. It was her sacrifice to save her grieving sister. Which led to not only her saving her own life, but also helping Elsa realize how to control her power. It was beautiful, and amazing and held so much layers of good messages in just that simple scene. This movie was a treat and everyone should go see it.

Watch Frozen Streaming Full online free I watched this on Christmas Eve and it certainly got me in the Christmassy mood. The film is basically about true love, sisterly love and being yourself.

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