Les Misérables


Watch “Les Misérables” Online Free Full, Watch32 Les Misérables Full Movie Free Streaming HD This was an amazing movie. For me what made it so interesting was how difficult it must have been to act and sing at the same time with a camera right up front. Russell Crowe was perfect in the part of Javert and had a great Baritone voice.

Watch Les Misérables Streaming Free The opening scene when they were pulling the ship into the dry dock was really cool, imagine what it must have been like to build ships in those days. Hugh Jackman toiling in the bottom of the dry dock reminded me of Ben Hur in the guts of the Roman Galleon. It was hard to believe that these actors were not professional singers, they were all so great.

Watch Les Misérables Online Full The scenes in Paris were recreated extremely well. I can just imagine what the barricades must have been like. I guess my favourite song was by Samantha Barks who played Éponine. I must admit I am biased toward anything French, having grown up in Québec. Where would we be without Descartes and Fourier!

Watch Les Misérables Movie2k.to Free Full Movie Though I never saw an actual theatrical production of this musical, I did know about this through some of the songs played on piano by my Filipino “cousin” (technically, he was just someone from my parents’ native country but me and my aunts in Jacksonville, Fla., considered him as such) as well as watching the PBS concert special with Lea Salonga doing the Eponine part. So it was with that in mind that I was very excited to watch this movie and as a result, I enjoyed it very much! In fact, this being the day of the Oscar nominations, part of me was very glad to see Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, the original song, and this nominated for Best Picture but was a bit disappointed that Tom Hooper was not given the nod as well as I believe his vision indeed put the whole thing together perfectly! And while Jackman and Hathaway performed their roles greatly, one shouldn’t discount also Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Sacha Baron Cohen, Helena Bonham Carter, Eddie Redmayne, or especially Samantha Barks as Eponine.

Watch Les Misérables Online HD Full (2012) Movie I’m singling Ms. Barks here because of her song “On My Own” about her unrequited love for Radmayne which I can relate to all too well. But, really, anything that got a tear from me really deserved one, in fact, by the end, my movie theatre-working friend asked me if I was all right and I assured him I was. I think I’ve said enough so on that note, Les Miserables is definitely worth seeing!

Watch “Les Misérables” Putlocker Full Movie I have seen this movie twice already and hope to go again before it comes out on DVD. The first time, I teared. The second, I cried. (Maybe because my mother was with me and she’s more emotional?) The fact is it is a truly amazing musical. A GREAT story, AMAZING songs and an AWESOME cast and crew. What makes this a strong, uplifting film is that the actors actually payed more attention to the acting aspect rather than the singing (where they can probably fix it up in the studio).

Full Download “Les Misérables” Movie Torrent Links The point is that it is a really emotional film. I rarely cry at movies except at one where the director makes you feel for the characters, (such as Jonathan Larson’s Rent). Tom Hooper did exactly that and I’m sure everyone else who has seen the film will already agree. Every time I’m working, I notice that there is always someone walking out of the theatre with tears in the eyes or still continuing to try to get over the outcome of the movie and its characters.

Hugh Jackman does an outstanding, superb job as playing the courageous Jean Valjeant, Russel Crowe really surprises the audience with his singing voice and the bad-ass crooked policeman Javert, while Anne Hathway plays a wonderful Fantine, Amanda Seyfried as Cosette (which still plays a decent actress almost the same as Sophie from Mamma Mia!) the boys like Eddie Redmayne and Aaron Tveit as Marius and Enjolras make you want to fight for their cause, and last but not least, the perfect comical duo Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter as the Thenardiers. Samantha Barks also played a wonderful Epenine as she did in the Broadway musical.

This film is recommended for all ages. For the drama, comedy and musical people at heart, it serves its purpose in showing how Les Miserables were truly miserable! Watch Les Misérables Online Free (2012) Movie.

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